Writing Samples

Some of Alex J. Coyne’s writing samples from various websites, magazines, and other publications.

Bridge Canada Magazine Features [PDF]

The Cutthroat World of Professional Bridge, February 2019

Caribbean Compass Features [PDF]

Dominoes & Cards, January 2018
Weird Headlines from the Caribbean, May 2018
Trash Island, September 2020

On Tap Magazine [PDF]

Celebrity Brews: Fokoflager, Winter 2018

People Magazine Features [PDF]

Almost Caught in a Modelling Scam
A Fraudster Confesses
Avoid Getting Scammed
Cold Case
Crime Scene Cleaning
Dreams & Their Meanings
“I Survived A Kidnapping”
“I Was Stalked”
“My Hardest Surgery”
The Great Vaccination Debate
“We Are People of the Light”
What’s in a Label?

Writers Write [PDF]

The 18 Essential Rules of Journalism, 2017

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