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Updated 01 August, 2022


Authors Publish

How to Promote Your Book, 2019

Eight New & Emerging Literary Journals, 2019

Five Markets for Screenplays & Scripts, 2019

5 Dystopian Fiction Markets, 2019

Markets for Medical Fiction, 2018

Writing Newsletters to Subscribe To, 2018

3 Annual and Recurring Anthologies of Short Fiction, 2018

11 Audiobook & Braille Publishers for Books, 2018

15 Markets for Personal Essays, 2018

Through the Ages: 7 Markets for Historical Fiction, 2018

Into the Darkness: 7 Horror & Dark Poetry Markets, 2018

Writing About Animals: 10 Publishers for Animal Lovers, 2018

Lions and Tigers and Agents, Oh My!, 2018

Short Story Markets: 14 Guides for Writers, 2017

Seven Flash Fiction Markets That Pay Writers, 2017

Writers’ Forums: How to Connect with a Writing Community, 2017

After 50 Finances

Choosing a Care Facility for the Disabled or Elderly, 2019

6 Old Fashioned Tricks That Put You Ahead of the Tech-Savvy Job Seeker, 2017

Part Time Passion, or Full Time Gig?, 2017

Alzheimer’s South Africa

From A to BBO: How Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Symptoms Can Be Helped, 2020

Playing Bridge for Alzheimer’s Research, 2019 

Using Contract Bridge in Clinical Therapy, 2019


Bridge Blogging

Bridge Interrupted, 2019

Bridge2Success, 2019

Initiative: Getting People to Play More Bridge, 2019

Cybersecurity and Online Bridge, 2019

Bridge Base Online

BBO Prime Column, 2019 to 2021


Bridge Canada Magazine

The Cutthroat World of Professional Bridge, February 2019

Boston Food Truck Blog

Flicks with Food Trucks: 7 Movies Starring Food Trucks, 2017


Caribbean Compass

Trash Islands, 2020

Caribbean Headlines, 2018

Cards in the Caribbean, 2018


The 5 Weirdest Things You Can Get a Degree In, 2017


How to Tell If You’re Finally a Financial Grown-Up, 2017

Cultured Vultures

8 Upcoming Horror Movies to Look Forward To, 2017

Reboot: 6 of the Worst Movie Remakes, 2017


Funds for Writers

Getting Into Gonzo Journalism, 2022

Connecting with Clients & Writing Markets, 2021

Writing the Wave: Niche Markets, 2020

The Journey of Editing Autobiography & Memoir, 2020

The Unseen Writer: Ghostwriting for the Corporate Sphere, 2019

Potential Contract Traps for Writers, 2019

Getting into Editing as a Writer, 2018

Negotiating for Writers, 2018

Writing Nonfiction for Children, 2018

The Ins & Outs of Corporate Ghostwriting, 2018

What I’ve Learned Writing Internationally, 2017

The Good Ones: Hitting the Higher Paying Markets, 2017

Working (Entirely) from Home, 2017

Scoring the Big Fish, 2017

How to Build Word of Mouth, 2017

To Essay or Not to Essay, 2016

When Time is Money: Charging by the Hour, 2016

Breaking Into Features, 2016

Folks Magazine

8 Chronically Ill YouTubers to Follow for Inspiration, 2018

Spider Hands: Writing with a Deadly Genetic Disorder, 2018


Geek Native

The Next Level: 3D & Multidimensional Board Games, 2021

11 Crime & Mystery Board Games, Ranked, 2021

9 Tabletop Games Inspired by Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos, 2021

Great Bridge Links

The ACBL and Tablet Bridge

Top Bridge Items on Amazon

From Culbertson to Janis

Michael Xu (Still) Playing Bridge

Lessons from the Queen’s Gambit

Your Great Bridge Podcast Guide

Your Guide to Online Alert Procedures

All About Bicycle Cards

Get Your Personalized Card Decks Here

Online Card Clubs

BBO on Chrome

Where to Find Results

The Best Bridge Podcasts

Card Games for Halloween

Important Real Bridge Questions We Asked Realbridge

Are You Entertained Yet? 

So What’s Social Bridge Online?

A Brief Bridge Kibitzing Guide

A Grateful Goodbye to Bridge Cartoonist Dr William Bill Buttle

Playing Ultimate Bridge on FB

Exploring Gambling Gods

2019 World Bridge Team Championships

Why Money Bridge Isn’t Bigger

World Bridge: Pakistan

Playing Bridge in Times of Trouble

What’s the Deal with the NABF?

And Guess Who Was Sitting North? Celebrities and Bridge

Considering a Bridge Cruise?

9 Free Resources to Help You Advance Your Bridge Game

Local Card Rules

Counting on Casino Bonuses

Free & Low Stakes Tournaments for Bridge

Bridge-Friendly Retreats

Your First Bridge Tournament: A Checklist

Tips for Casino Safety

The Tournaments They Are a Changing

How Big is the Biggest House of Cards Ever?

Tips on How to Invest Your Winnings

What Can Loyalty Get You at the Casino

The Bridge and the Famous

A Look at Cheating

How’s Your Bridge Face

What’s in a Deck?

Bridge Software

The 10 Best Bridge Books for 2021

Merchants & Marketplaces for Card Collectors


The American Bridge Association Welcome Tournament

Bridge Clubs After COVID-19

Tablet Talk: How Tablets Will Change Face-to-Face Tournaments

Catching Up with New Tricks Bridge

5 New Contract Bridge Books for Your Reading List

13 Excellent Bridge Lesson Websites

Keeping an Eye on Bridge Apps

Dirty Tricks (Streaming Dirt Cheap)

Twitch and Bridge Streaming

The Attraction of Magnetic Bridge

Suggestions for Your 2021 Bridge Library

Bridge & Cheating in the New World

Christmas Bridge Offers & Where to Find Them

Bridge on BBO: Now with Live Audio

Master Point Press: Now Part of 52 Entertainment

Tricky Bridge

The World’s Favorite Blackjack Books

BAMSA and the Academic Exploration of Bridge

Realbridge: An Online Bridge Server for F2F Bridge

Play with Experts at Bridgehouse.club and BBO

Plugging into the OCBL

Safety and Tracking Behind Slot Machines

The SABF Interprovincial Tournament: Here’s How It Went

The E-Open: A New Online Bridge Event

Q&A with Diyan Danailov


Bridgebee: An Interactive Beehive of Bridge Hands

Bridge: Trying for the Olympics Again

From New Bridge to Be Bridge

Chatting with Meadowlark About AI

Online Bridge Clubs: What’s Behind the Curtain

Bridge Players Love Coffee, But is it Good for You?

Synrey Bridge vs Micro Bridge

Teaching New Tricks: Meet the NT Bridge Club

Play Online with Synrey Bridge

Famous Slot Machine & Casino Lawsuits

2019 Bridge Books

Facebook Takes on Poker

Kibitzing on Twitch

All About Bridge Screens

Rage at the Table

China and the 44th World Team Championships

All About Funbridge

All About ABTA: The American Bridge Association

Fred Gitelman: The Interview

The Kids’ Table: The Next Big Bridge Documentary

Unmasking Online Casino Software

Meet Some Bridge Hall of Famers

The Rogue Ones: Illegal Gambling Sites

Catching up with Bridgescanner

Blogging About Bridge: BridgeBlogging versus BridgeWinners

Bridgecloud: A Hosting Option for Bridge Clubs

Understanding Casino Jackpots

In Their Own Words: Stories of Starting Bridge

What Michael Xu Wants to Tell You about pizza

Bridge by Country: South Africa

Banned From Bridge

LearnBridge: The Best Free Bridge Courses

Vintage Casino Items and Where to Find Them

BBOs Just Declare Bridge

Bridge’s Cold Case: The Murder of Barry Crane

Bridge in Poland

White House Junior Internationals 2019

Bridge Near the Crossroads:Memphis Spring NABC

Ageing Card Decks

All Trumps: A Collection of Trump-Themed Games

The Keep Bridge Alive Campaign

Deconstructing Meckwell

Roulette: The Little Wheel with a Big Story

The International Budapest Bridge Festival & LoveBridge

The Best of Both Worlds: BBO and Funbridge

BridgeScanner: A New Social Network for Bridge

Bridge in Numbers

Let’s Talk Simultaneous Pairs

Interviewing Bridge2Success

The Giving Season: Charity at the Card Table

Great Subscription Gift Ideas for Card Players

Gambling & Casino Meltdowns

A Card Player’s Itinerary  

LoveBridge: Where Technology and Cards Meet

Good Habits for Gambling Online

Six of the Weirdest Online Slot Machines We Could Find

6 Amazing Poker World Records

Weird Online Casino Games

The Weirdest Online Wagers

Interested in Online Gambling

Watching Your Health for Card Players

Viewing the Vugraph

Crowdfunded Poker Playing with YouStake

New Bridge Books in 2018

World Series of Poker Winners

Everything About Casino Chips

Jackpot Online Casino Stats and Facts

Sleuth: Researching Casinos Online

A Bridge Oddity: Odds in the Game of Bridge

Bingo Headlines of the World

The Luck of the Irish: Gambling in Ireland

The Psychology Behind Gambling

The World Computer Bridge Championships

Online Gambling… For Free?!

What’s Luck Got to Do With It

Bridge Sponsorship Can Help You Succeed

let’s Talk About Online Casino Payment Systems

Professional Slots Players

Bridge Pros: Exploring the Cutthroat World of Professional Bridge

Bridge Columns, Columns and Columns

Movie Scenes in Casinos

The Partnership Desk

Gambling Laws & Decrees of History

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner and Other Casino Lingo

The Weirdest Casino & Gambling Superstitions

Blackjack: A Crash Course

Different Types of Bridge

10 of the Weirdest Celebrity Slot Machines

The Best Bridge Books of 2017 

Vu-Bridge: Learning to Play a Killer Bridge Game

Gambling with Cryptocurrencies

Online Card Gadgets

Bridge Announcements for 2018

The Strangest Casino Patents

Common Myths About the Game of Bridge, Debunked

The Best of Bridge Nonfiction

Bridge in Fiction

Niche Bridge Clubs of the World

Card Ads Everywhere

History’s Big Wins

Bizarre Slot Machine Malfunctions

A Timeline of Online Gambling

Aces & Knaves the Bridge Film of the Century

Hey, Big Spender: Famous Casino Patrons

Dealing & Shuffling 101

The Best and Worst of Theme Casinos

The Coolest Casino Tycoon Games

Fun & Games for Bridge Players

About Bridge: Quotes

Get Your Trump Markers Here

The Weirdest Casino News Headlines

Bridge Newsletters, Magazines & Ezines

Everything LGBTQ Bridge

The World Bridge Championships: What You Should Know

Cheer Up: Bridge Humor and Jokes

Casino Games Explained

Going Retro: Bridge for DOS

One of the World’s Weirdest Casino Games

Cards on TV Roundup

A Bridge Timeline

Don’t Forget the Joker

Card Prodigies: The Youngest in Cards

Bridging the AI Gap

The Royalty of Bridge

Poker Gets Official

The Big, the Bad & the Notorious: Famous Poker Games

Your Bridge Glossary: A Long List of Short Hand

Your Bridge Room Checklist

Getting Into The Common Game

Like to Watch?

Learn from the Pros

Bridging the Translation Gap

8 Great Videos to Improve Your Game

You Got That for Free? The Ultimate Guide

Let’s Talk Bridge

There Are (More) Apps for That

15 Fascinating Superstitions to Share at Your Next Card Party

Gifts for Card Players

Dealing with Doctor Who 

Versions of Clue

12 Holiday Themed Card Decks

So, You Want to Enter a Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament

Casino Biometrics

Social Betting: The Evolution of the Bar Bet

Theory11, JJ Abrams and the Mystery Puzzle Box

Exploring Magic Kits

Back to Basics with Battle Chess

Counterfeit Cards: The Business of Trading Card Fakes

Inside the Bingo Machine

Odds on the Floor

Dogs Playing Poker

Cards, Cards Everywhere

Quick Guide to 9 Card Flicks

The Best Tabletop Selections from Steam

Gifting Your Kings & Queens This Holiday Season

A Sweet Jackpot: Candy for the Card Table

6 Excellent Resources to Learn the Tarot for Free

Board Games for Dark Nights

Eerie, Weird & Interesting TCGs for Halloween

Ghost of a Chance: Exploring Haunted Casinos

Dressing the Part: Cosplay Accessories for Gamers

17 Spectacular Tarot Decks Every Tarot Lover Should See

Duelling on Discord: The Ultimate Card & Board Game Players’ Guide

Want To Design Your Own Board Game?

The Best Resources for Learning Cardistry & Card Tricks

Card Tricks & Where to Get Them

Collector’s Guidebooks & Game Companions

The Best Dice Accessories for 2021

A Beginner’s Guide To Texas Hold’em Poker

7 Important Questions for Choosing an Online Casino

Have You Heard of HOOL?

8 Tabletop Adaptations of Your Favorite Movies & TV Shows

Who Are the Makers of Popular Board Games?

The Best Tabletop Games on Kickstarter Right Now

What’s New on the Tabletop for 2021

Studying Cards: Where to Find Courses & Tutors

The Big List of Online Card, Board & Tabletop Games

Interactive Fiction is Making a Comeback

Can You Kill Someone with a Playing Card?

2020 Gifts and Gadgets for the Player Who Has Everything

Into the Abyss: Darker Decks, Board Games & TCGs

The Massive Online Trading Card Game List

Bits & Bobs: Replacement Parts for Board Games

Loved Exploding Kittens, But Now What?

Whatever Happened to Gammonline

The Ice Hotel’s Playing Card Room

What the AI-Powered Board Game St Noire is All About

Yu-Gi-Oh: Exploring the Stainless Steel Card

The Suicide King (& Other Card Nicknames)

Exploring TCG Error Cards

Board Game Lounges Are Cool

Obscure TCGs That Rock

Buying a Bridge Kit? We’ve Found the Best

Crowdfunded Cards

Trading Card Game Starter Kits

Weird Board Game Commercials

Hand Crafted Board Games and Where to Find Them

Bridge History: The Hammond Electric Bridge Table

Trick Decks & Where to Find Them

Looking at Antique and Vintage Decks

World Records of Bingo

Cards for Soldiers

Slot Machine Charms & Superstitions

Blacklisted at Blackjack: Things to Avoid at the Table

5 Amazing World Records for Casino Buffs

Mad Magazine: The Board Game

Our Favourite Card Deck Collections

Monopoly: Mzansi Edition

Illuminati: The Game of Conspiracy

A Complete History of Bingo

The Story Behind Windows Solitaire

Quick Guide to Casino Lotteries

Under Tech and Key: Exploring Casino Security

Poker Comics & Cartoons

Crossing the Bridge to Magic: The Gathering

The Big Three: Great Gambling Scandals

Casino Careers: Where to Learn and Apply

Historical Casino Heists: The Real Life Oceans Saga

Myths Lies and Misconceptions About Slot Machines

Cards in Art

Talking Truth About Tables

10 Casino Facts You Didn’t Know

Gambling of the Ancients

Is Virtual Currency a Gamble?

The Greatest PC Virtual Casinos

Inside the Magic Shop

A Cur’s Hand

A Deck for Everything

Remember When You Played Bridge for Fun?

Card Magic: A History

Sleight of Card: The Very Basics of Card Magic

The Best of Poker Documentaries

All Things Poker Themed

Celebrities Secretly Kicking Ass at Poker

Card Regulations 101

eKasi Casino

Learn Poker from the Pros

13 Curious Card Apps

Casinos in a Taxi (and Other Strange Casino Facts)

3 Great Trading Card Games for All Ages

Everything Card Gifts for Xmas


Hoezit! (in Afrikaans) 


Identity-Theft Scout

9 Online Promises That Signal Scams Ahead, 2021

6 Things You Won’t Believe Have Been Compromised or Infiltrated, 2021

The Worst Hacks & Scams from the World of Competitive Esports, 2021

Terrifying News of Hacks & Data Breaches from Across the World. 2021

7 Scary Things Hackers Can Do with Your Wi-Fi. 2021

7 Types of Malware Security Apps (All Devices Need), 2021

Identity Theft Dangers on Your Real-Life Device. 2021

The Most Accurate Video Games Featuring Cybersecurity, 2021

STO, ICOs and Cryptocurrencies: Oh, My, 2021

The Top 7 Cybersecurity Solutions for Business, 2021

15 Common Password Mistakes Everyone Makes, 2021

Should My Internet Security Provider Be My VPN Provider Too?. 2021

COVID-19 Dotcom: The Coronavirus & Its Effect on Ecommerce. 2021

8 Things a Criminal Can Do with Your Stolen Identity, 2020

How the Coronavirus Has Impacted Cybersecurity. 2020

Malicious Cryptocurrency Miners: The Zama-Zamas of the Web, 2020

Cracking Open Cryptocurrency Crimes, 2020

Can You Become Victim to an Internet Dating Scammer?, 2020

Into the World of Deepfakes, 2019

The Online Bodysnatchers: How to Guard Against Ghosting, 2019

Is My Device Infected?, 2019

Ways to Catch a History-Hider, 2019

Tip-Off: 7 Ways to Spot Identity Theft, 2019

Spousal Identity Theft: More Than Stolen Hearts, 2019


K9 of Mine

How Much Should I Charge for Overnight Dog Sitting?. 2022

Catnip for Dogs: Does It Exist?, 2022

12 Natural Remedies You Should Not Give Your Dog, 2021

Why Does My Dog Stare at Me While Pooping?, 2021

Why Does My Dog Eat My Underwear?, 2021

5 Famous Miliitary Dogs We Salute, 2020

Why Do Dogs Eat Toilet Paper?, 2020

Does My Dog Miss Me When I’m Gone?, 2020

8 Best Homemade Grain-Free Dog Treat Recipes, 2020

Why Do Dogs Dig At Their Beds? 2019

Why Does My Dog Sit On My Feet?, 2019

Why Do Dogs Kick After They Poop?, 2019

6 Best Jobs for Dog Lovers, 2019



Isaac Mutant Takes Over Europe (with L.C.), 2016

Middernagstories Part I to IV (Afrikaans)

Sweet Leat, Legalize It, 2014



Crooks & Crypto in SA, 2019

Why Insurance is a Must-Have for Farmers, 2018

A Strange Brew: SA’s Coffee Industry, 2017

Band on the Road, 2017

Looking at Sustainable Oyster Farming, 2017

Space: Investment’s Next Frontier, 2017

Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Finance, 2017

Sasria Plans Specialized Risk Cover for SMEs, 2017

A Lunar Investment, 2017

Investing Your Pension in a Franchise, 2016

Legalisation of Dagga Gathers Momentum, 2016

A Buzzing Investment: Beekeeping, 2016 

Digital Publishing Rights: Can Money Be Made Exploiting These? 2016

Six String Stocks: Investing in Vintage and Rare Guitars, 2015

Vintage Cars: Worth Their Wheels in Gold , 2015

What the Forex, 2015

Crowdfunding: Ubuntu Finance in SA, 2015

My Credit Status

When should you apply for credit? , 2020

Finance for Health: When Credit is Crucial, 2020

Signs of Identity Theft & Card Fraud, 2020

Store Credit: What it Is & How to Use It, 2020

What You Should Know About Paid-Up Letters , 2019

Discover How to Spot a Credit Scam, 2019

What Happens to Credit After Death? , 2019

How to Spot Credit Scams in South Africa, 2019

Credit Advice for About-to-Marry, Newly Married & Divorced, 2019

6 Good Financial Resolutions for a Great 2020, 2019



What You Should Know About Gluten


NLP People

7 Terrifying Examples of Artificial Intelligence, 2017

NLP Landscape: Ireland, 2017

NLP Landscape: France, 2017


On Tap Magazine

Celebrity Brews, 2018


Penton Press

An Interview with Raymond Buckland, 2017

People Magazine

Interview: A Fraudster Confesses, 2018

Cleaning the Scene of the Crime, 2018

Interview: “I Survived a Kidnapping” 2018

Interview: “I Was Stalked!” 2018

Interview: “My Hardest Surgery” 2018

Interview: Trapped in a Modelling Scam 2018

Cold Case: On the Trail of SA Crimes, 2017

Dreams & What They Mean, 2017

An Interview with Raymond Buckland, 2017

Avoid Getting Scammed, 2017

Interview with a Sangoma, 2017

Interview: “I Didn’t Know I Was Adopted” 2016

Ink, 2016

The Great Vaccination Debate, 2016


Writing a Mystery: Do Your Research Right, 2018

Marketing Your Novel: Bookstores, Libraries & You, 2018

The Psychology of Writing Horror, 2018

How to Write YA Fiction Like a Pro, 2018

Deconstructing Apocalyptic Fiction, 2018

Demystifying the Occult for Fiction Writing, 2018

Legal Questions for Writers, 2018

Everything About Writing for a Living, 2018

Pre-Writing Strategies & Brainstorming Tools, 2018

Soap-Opera Writing & How to Avoid It, 2017

The Rules of Time Travel or Fiction Writers, 2017

Writing the Fictional Genius,, 2017

Where to Find Fiction Markets for Submissions, 2017

Writing Stories with Five Characters or Fewer, 2017

Writing Fear That Will Give You the Shivers, 2017

Are You Missing This Often Overlooked Venue of Marketing Your Writing?, 2017

Growing Thicker Skin: How to Handle Rejection & Criticism, 2017

How Genetics Can Move Your Story Forward, 2017

How to Breathe New Life Into Old Fiction, 2017

Making Ends Meet: How to Write a Good Ending to a Story, 2016

Breathing Life into Your Characters, 2016

7 Things You Should Know About a Writer’s Health, 2016

Effective Writing Routines & How to Get One, 2016

Six Tips for Surviving a Book Signing, 2016

Five Ways Fiction Needs Fact, 2016

Ten Ways Self-Editing Can Make Your Manuscript Better, 2016



First-Aid Procedures You Should Know, 2017


Taste of Cinema

The 10 Best Movies Featuring Evil Clowns, 2016

The Penny Hoarder

Tarot Reading as a Side-Hustle, 2017

Being Homeless Unexpectedly: How One Couple Recovered, 2016

How to Teach Guitar Lessons, 2016


Crooks & Crypto: A Seedy Underworld in South Africa, 2019

The Media Online

Spooked or Ghosted: Tips to End Journalistic Surveillance, 2018

Teenzone Magazine

Consumer Rights & You, 2017

Taming the Guitar, 2017

The Dollar Stretcher

What to Know About 5 Life-Changing Contracts Almost Everyone Will Sign, 2021

How Remote Careers Are Changing the Workplace, 2020

Writing a Job-Winning Resume, 2018

When You’re Dissatisfied with Your Job, 2017

10 Steps to a Profitable Online Sale, 2017

The Best Adult Education Resources, 2017

When and How to Make a Consumer Complaint, 2017

What to Know About Any Contract Before You Sign, 2017

Handling Sudden Income Changes (Good or Bad), 2017

Need Expert Advice? Get It Here for Free, 2016

Are You Financially Unfaithful?, 2016

The Ins & Outs of Bartering, 2016

How to Identify a Catfish & Protect Your Money, 2016

Don’t Get Married Without Doing This Paperwork , 2016

Have You Grown Up Financially?, 2016

Personal Finance & Investing: Lessons from Social Media, 2016

Jobs vs Careers: Which One Are You Building?


Urban Survival Site

7 Tips for Surviving Radiation Exposure, 2017

How to Survive a Disaster in the City

5 Real Life Stories of Survival, 2017

7 Important Tips for Emergency Wound Care, 2017

8 Alternatives for When Technology Fails You, 2017

How to Use the Internet While Avoiding Hackers & Big Brother, 2017

How to Deal with Cabin Fever, 2017

11 Amazing Apps for Urban Survivalists. 2017

15 Things You Should Start Hoarding, 2017



Blaas jy geld te maklik, 2016

Mense en vries, 2016

Help so met skoolwerk, 2016

Help! Ons Leef Verby Mekaar, 2016

Hoe slim is jou slimfoon, 2016

In die sterre, 2016

Kar koop, 2016

Seks, Suid Afrika!, 2016

Sien en stop so geldmors

Spookstories, 2016

Staatshospitale, 2016

Jou Familiestamboom, 2016

Maak so met skuld, 2016

Kunsmatige Intelligensie, 2016

Werk van die huis af (en ander opsies in die sloot), 2016

Verbruikersregte: Wat jy moet weet, 2015

Ken jou kontrakte, 2015


Writers Write

5 Incredible Story Beginnings & Endings, 2022

8 Writing Industry Statistics (You Should Know), 2022

The Art of Writing Fiction With Fewer Settings, 2022

6 Writing Lessons From Famous Letters, 2022

5 Incredible Beginnings & Endings, 2022

7 Tips for Writing Contests & Competitions, 2022

Writing the Vampire Story, 2022

Writers & Their Computers, 2022

8 Bits of Writing Advice from Eudora Welty, 2022

Editing Advice from Famous Writers, 2022

Writing the Gothic Story, 2022

Tips for the Artful Interview, 2022

Writers On Twitter, 2022

Plagiarism and How to Fight It, 2022

How to Write Like a Leader, 2022

Writing Lessons from the World’s Top Websites, 2022

7 Journalism Mistakes (That Got to Print), 2022

6 Bits of Writing Advice from the Beat Generation, 2022

6 Bits of Writing Advice from John Irving, 2022

8 Bits of Songwriting Advice (From Bestselling Songwriters), 2021

6 Bits of Writing Advice from Isaac Asimov, 2021

Why Nobody Should Write Like Jane Austen, 2021

How to Use Instant Messages in Fiction, 2021

7 Bits of Writing Advice from Mark Twain, 2021

14 Fancy Copywriting Terms Explained, 2021

7 Bits of Writing Advice from Chinua Achebe, 2021

7 Bits of Writing Advice from Anne Sexton, 2021

7 Bits of Writing Advice from Kazuo Ishiguro, 2021

7 Common Horror Mistakes & How to Avoid Them, 2021

8 Common Style Mistakes Every Writer Should Know, 2021

6 Practical Research Techniques for All Writers, 2021

7 Bits of Writing Advice from Truman Capote, 2021

7 Bits of Writing Advice from HG Wells, 2021

7 Excellent Plotting Tips from Agatha Christie, 2021

A Step-by-Step Guide to Help You Write Press Releases, 2021

6 Bits of Writing Advice from Jorge Luis Borges, 2021

6 Bits of Writing Advice from Charles Bukowski, 2021

A Writer’s Guide to Gonzo Journalism , 2021

The Ultimate Ghostwriting Guide for Clients & Writers, 2021

7 Bits of Writing Advice from Cormac McCarthy, 2021

5 Bits of Writing Advice from Iris Murdoch, 2021

6 Writing Lessons from Bill Watterson, 2021

7 Writing Observations from Ian McEwan, 2021

Songwriting for Beginners (Part 1) , 2021

Songwriting for Beginners (Part 2) , 2021

7 Bits of Writing Advice from Raymond Carver , 2021

How to Use Tabletop Games in Fiction Writing, 2021

How to Write Adverts 2021

Put SEO to Work for Your Author’s Website 2021

How to Write About Bullies 2021

6 Secrets to Writing for Business via Email 2021

Don’t Commit These 9 Fiction Writing Crimes 2021

8 Unethical Copywriting Techniques to Avoid  2021

7 Lessons in Better Writing from the Beatles 2021

A Step-by-Step Guide to Help You Write Resolutions 2021

9 Ways for Writers to Find More Clients, Customers & Writing Markets, 2018

7 Bits of Writing Advice from the Works of Charles Dickens, 2021

Sentences, Paragraphs & Chapters Explained, 2021

6 Writing Tips from Norman Mailer, 2021

10 Things Writers Can Learn from Lewis Carroll, 2021

What Every Writer Should Know About Pitching Publications, Magazines or Publishers, 2021

10 Resolutions for Freelance Business Writers, 2021

The 10 Most Important Milestones for Freelance Writers, 2021

Essential Advice for Writing the Christmas-Themed Story, 2020

30 Essential Websites & Web Apps for Writers, 2020

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The Ultimate 31 Day Boot Camp for Writers 2020

Epilogues, Afterwords & Appendices: What’s the Difference? 2020

The Top 10 Blogging Trends in 2021, 2021

10 Types of Sentences You Won’t See in Good Writing, 2020

10 Common Mistakes Journalists Make (& How to Avoid Them), 2021

Forewords, Prefaces, Prologues & Introductions: What’s the Difference? , 2020

The Essential SEO Writing Guide (with 11 SEO Writing Tips) , 2020

The Definitive Plain Language Guide (& 10 Sentences Decoded), 2020

10 Essential Tips for Eliminating Distractions from Your Writing, 2020

10 Bits of Writing Advice from Stephen King, 2020

The Essential Copywriting Crash Course, 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Business Writing, 2020

From Full-Time to Freelance Writing: Ways to Cope, 2019

9 Practical Tips for Being a Faster Writer, 2019

6 Ways Bridge Can Make You a Better Writer, 2019

Invaluable Safety Tips for Journalists, 2018

12 Newspaper Archive Resources for Journalists & Writers, 2018

The 18 Essential Rules of Journalism, 2017

9 Things That Can & Will Go Wrong When You Conduct An Interview, 2016

8 Lessons Freelancing Taught Me About Money, 2016

Skeleton Keys: A Horror Story That Will Scare All Writers, 2015

Writers Weekly

10 Paying Human Interest Markets for Writers, 2017

Scaring for Pay: 10 Paying Horror Markets for Writers, 2017


Yahoo News

How to Tell If You’re Finally a Financial Grown-Up, 2017

Yoga International

Consejos para principiantes: cómo aprovechar al máximo tu práctica de yoga, 2021

Tips for Beginners: How to Make the Most Out of Your Practice, 2018

SmartYoga: Practice in the Tech Age, 2017

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