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Alex completed the work requested from him on time and to specification. Costs were reasonable and we were satisfied with the end product.
Aaron Yeh
Digital Advertising Manager at Levy Online

Alex J. Coyne is a language practitioner with whom I’ve worked extensively in the past. He delivers excellent work in both English and Afrikaans.              
Hermione le Roux-Ellis

Alex has worked with us as a writer for many years. Typically he does indepth interviews or research on topics of our choosing but he’s also very good at coming up with interesting ideas for articles in any of our three magazines. Alex has a broad range of interests and experience and his work is always well written. His articles are some of our most popular. We have enjoyed working with him.
Jude Goodwin
Partner of Goodwin Creative Ltd.

Alex J. Coyne has been writing for Writers Write for many years now. He is a good freelancer writer and we recommend that you try his writing – today.
Writers Write Academy & Projects

I like this story – even if it’s not the type of tale that begs you to like it. Like its main character, the story is stubborn and gets to the point. I like it because it achieves exactly what it set out to. An upsetting evening in a young person’s life is conveyed with credibility; it’s convincing because enough details clearly create the circumstances and situation, without background events falling behind. The violence isn’t glorified, but understated in terms of its theme, making it more effective. Finally, irony makes for a memorable ending.

François Bloemhof About Boelie/Bully [NB Publishers]

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